I devote my time to gecko breeding since 2005. Having my first experience with several nocturnal geckos (Gecko vittatus, Gekko gecko, Paroedura pictus, Tarentola boettgeri) I focused on day gecko breeding, in particular on more common Phelsuma species.

Another, in Czech breedings relatively seldom visible, day gecko genus Gonatodes attracted my attention and fully captured me about five years ago. Originally, I started with the only one young pair of Gonatodes albogularis fuscus. I breed thirteen species and I am fully specialized in genus Gonatodes today.

I decided to prepare this Gonatodes website due to absolute lack of any study materials related to this genus regardless the language used. I hope that at least some information stated on this website can help to other young breeders of this beautiful day geckos in their uneasy breeding starts.

On the other hand all new observations and practical experiences provided from other Gonatodes breeders are welcome. I can confirm from my practice that the most useful information and tips I got during the discussions with other colleagues-breeders.